Thursday, April 30, 2015

Oh Mobility

Oh the Mobility!

This morning, I peeked my head out of my 5 minute rinse-down shower for the 7th time. I was checking to make sure Henry was not eating the toilet paper again and that he had not opened the toilet seat again.

And there he sat waving the toilet brush like he was flagging down an airplane.

I'm just going to pretend there is no way it had been in his mouth. Lots of "eeeeeek", "aaaack!", and shivers coming from me as I hurry to take it away...and return to my shower.

And we have officially arrived at the mobility days that I dread love. Where, thankfully, my baby sleeps better at night, but it is replaced with the exhaustion of chasing him all day long and rescuing him from gross and dangerous things.

Anyone need a chair? I won't be using one for the next few months so you are welcome to some of ours ;)

(All kidding aside, I am excited for Henry as he is so proud of himself and the look on his face when he discovers new things is priceless.)

Friday, April 24, 2015

Henry 9 months

Crawling, pulling up, cruising - Henry is doing all of it. Though right now, he is a Jack of all Trades and a master of none. I'm sure that will not be true in the next couple of weeks. Instead of learning how to crawl well for a while and then try pulling up and get good at that, Henry decided to do them both the SAME day. He crawls in the traditional method except he drags his left leg a little. He doesn't go very fast or very far. He won't go from room to room yet so I'm only going a little crazy right now ;)

He decided to learn all of his new tricks while the kids and I were out of town for Spring Break. We sent Adam a video. And I realized while being out of town what a content little baby boy we have. So many of our family members commented on how content he was in whatever circumstance. And he really is at this age - that has not always been the case! But right here, at 9 months old, he entertains himself quite well or about an hour or a little more. If his schedule is thrown off, he is cool to go with the flow. Still not a fan of long car rides though!

Our little boy is babbling away. He has lots to say and several different sounds including "Dada", "Mama", "Baba", "Gaga", and then a ton of motor sounds. He loves music, but doesn't dance like the girls did. He listens intently and smiles when Adam plays guitar or when I sing - makes us feel like we are awesome!

Henry's official numbers at the doctor were:
29.5 inches tall (90%)
21 pounds 1.5 ounces (69%)
47 cm head circumference

He is wearing size 18 M clothes and now up to size 4 shoes! The growing does not stop!

He has such a playful smile. It's subtle and shy and there is this adorable nose scrunch that happens. I melt every time.

The top 2 teeth came in this month - just 2 days apart. And Henry is eating all sorts of things these days. I'm giving him some of our dinner most nights. The only things I haven't given him are dairy items, sweets, junk food and nuts. I still spoon feed him mashed/pureed foods for about 90% of his meals, but I give him finger foods to try and feed himself. He's a big eater. He eats about 7-8 ounces of  food at each meal and also has snacks!

My sweet boy is such a loving little guy. He regularly touches your arm just to let you know he is thinking about you :) That's another comment I've been getting a lot lately is how loving he is. When I hand him to the nursery workers at church, he lays his head on their shoulders as if to hug them and one morning, he leaned in to kiss one of them! He doesn't have the pucker mastered so it was sort of an open mouth against her cheek. It was precious! He's given me a couple of those "kisses" too.

We are so thankful for our fun-loving, sweet boy and excited to watch him explore with his new found mobility.

A list of firsts:
Sits up from his tummy
Top 2 teeth came in
Some separation anxiety - not when I left but when I came back started crying and reaching for me
Lots of finger foods
Pulling up
Cruising - very wobbly
says Dada

Here is a long set of photos from this month...

Swinging with cousin Jackson

Will NOT sit still in a buggy!

Oh how he loves Lucy cuddles. She has to cuddle with him a couple of mornings a week.

Sitting up in his crib and doesn't know what to think about it. (This was the first time he did it at the beginning of the month)

Starting to be more mobile and loving it!!

One of the last rides in my old car Roxy.

Hat too small and don't care - just love being outside!

A great picture that shows one of his  "hugs".

I love this nose scrunch!

Hanging out with Uncle Michael's sister Stephanie. He warmed right up to her and started laying his head on her shoulder.

You know, just reaching out to touch his new cousin Marilyn.

Henry started crawling more than 2 crawls at the hospital when Marilyn was born. He was EVERYWHERE! Under the stroller.

Hanging out in the curtains.

And up under the hospital bed!

And later that night, pulling up on Grandma and Grandpa's coffee table.

Watching horse races at Keeneland.

I love this romper. I picked it out and Adam's grandma bought it for Henry last summer when I was pregnant with him.

Getting into everything!

And pulling up on everything!

Mobility - here we go!!