Tuesday, May 19, 2015

April Happenings!

I told you it was coming...and it is epic - "April Happenings!" April was a busy month around here. We had Easter, our niece Marilyn was born, we went to Keeneland and lots of parks, we got an epic stomach bug, Caroline's class went on a field trip - lots of really fun and good stuff (except the stomach bug).

 Dying eggs for Easter. The girls were both so independent about it this year. Next year, Henry will be in the mix and it will be all hands on deck again.

The egg dying supervisor.

Easter morning, the girls each got a chocolate bunny. Caroline got some white sandals and Lucy got her first church purse - she loves it. Henry got some new PJs.

Did Daddy let Henry have a taste of chocolate??

We had a lot of rain the week before Easter. And I mean A LOT of rain. Our church was flooded on Friday. You could not see the parking lot or the road in front of the church. The basement was completely flooded and the rain water almost reached the sanctuary. Our church had to cancel the children's Easter egg hunt on Saturday and had to relocate Sunday morning services to an auditorium on Kentucky State University's campus. It was quite an ordeal. At the last minute, they decided to retry the Easter egg hunt on Sunday afternoon.

Easter Sunday afternoon was beautiful. The ground was a little squishy but not too bad. A petting zoo came out and every kid got a kite to attempt to fly.

Caroline loved petting all the animals. Lucy not so much.

Then came time for the hunt. There were lots of instructions. We were lucky that our girls ended up in the same age category for 3-5. This made picture taking easier ;)

Upon sorting through their stashes, Lucy found a slip of paper that said "Prize" in one of her eggs. This meant she got to collect a Walmart gift card! This came in handy when Caroline won a Walmart gift card at school 2 weeks later for memorizing 1000 (yes that one thousand) sight words. The girls got to collect on their gift cards after that.

After Easter, I took all three kids to SC to spend Spring Break there. My sister was due with baby Marilyn any day. The girls played with Aunt Alice, Crystal, and Aunt Amber during the day while Henry and I went over to Katie's house.  We helped do the last of the cleaning and prepared some meals for after Marilyn was born. Then we were excited when the doctor said they wanted to go ahead and induce my sister. I was so glad I got to be there when she was born!

Henry reaching over to touch Marilyn =)

We had the perfect week in SC. I got to love on my sister and spend some sweet QT with her. We were there when Marilyn was born and my sweet girls got to play all day with their aunts. The only thing missing was Adam. Adam sadly predicted that Henry would start crawling while we were away and it came true. He also started pulling up.

This boy was everywhere and he was so proud of himself.

We were thankful to be back home with Adam. We arrived back on Friday and decided to take the kids to Keeneland for some horse races on Saturday.

We went early in the morning and got to take a tour and watch horses warm up.

I learned a lot of things like what a paddock is. I kept thinking they were referring to the horse stables. We were standing ON the paddock and I asked the tour guide if we could go INSIDE the paddock pointing over to the stables. He looked at me like I was crazy - haha.

We also learned that "tailgate" has a different meaning in Kentucky than it does in SC. In Kentucky, it means great big gathering of people on a lawn with a caterer and nice tables, chairs, table linens - the works. In SC, it's open up your vehicle's tailgate and have some food. We tried to park in the "Tailgate" lot as I had brought a picnic lunch for the kids, but the parking lady kept saying "but this lot is for tailgating". I told her "that's what we want to do. I brought a picnic lunch." She repeated herself, "but this lot is for tailgating." We were not understanding each other!


I LOVE this picture of Caroline! Poor thing - eyes blinded by the sun but smiling fiercely! Lucy and I oblivious to her struggle =)

We stayed for 3 races. It was incredible to watch.

After about the 3rd race, the crowd began to change. What started off as family friendly, was quickly becoming very drunken, scandalously dressed and atrociously overcrowded. We decided it was time to go. Sadly, we lost Henry's adorable page boy hat on our way out. I went back to try and find it, but there was no way among the thousands and thousands of people. Adam continued to the car taking all 3 kids. When I finally gave up and started back to the car, I was actually quite nervous that Adam had done this by himself with all 3 kids. You had to basically push your way against a sea of drunk and almost naked people walking in to the stadium. I was thankful to find them all safe in our van! Next time we will probably leave about 30 minutes earlier ;)

I now have a bunch of miscellaneous pictures from the month.

Most of the time we bike ride around the apartment complex, but sometimes we take the kids bikes to a park to ride.

Oh how I love this girl who rarely naps now. We end up having lots of snuggles and occasional naps. 

Henry LOVES music. Can you see him dancing aka flapping his arms in excitement while Lucy sings into the microphone?

Caroline has had art work entered in 2 state-wide contests this year. If you ask her what her favorite thing about school is, she quickly responds "Art!"

I love this romper. I picked it out last year when I was pregnant with Henry and Adam's grandmother bought it for me.

My 3 littles playing together spontaneously! I love this sight!

We've been playing a lot of baseball on the lawn.

We also enjoy hiking at Cove Springs park.


Lucy got a book called Shoe-La-La at the library. The girls LOVED flipping through it and looking at the outfits the characters were wearing. The book is about shoe fashion. I had flashforwards of the girls flipping through magazines. Lucy told me she wanted to make some of the shoes in the book. So we did.

We've been to so many parks this month!

Lucy completed a coloring page in her workbook. She had to read the color names and color the correct color. It was challenging for her but she did it. When she was done, she told me she wanted to make it into a crown for her head. OK - sure. This girl has such creative notions!

Towards the end of April, Caroline's class went on a field trip to the zoo. I was excited to get to join them as a chaperon. Adam's cousin Jessica met me there and she took Lucy and Henry around the zoo while I went around with my group of girls.

Caroline wanted Lucy to stay with us so bad. It warms my heart how much she loves her little sister. She wanted Lucy in every picture and when we ended up splitting up she kept wondering how they were doing.

But I love being with my big girl in her element and watching her interact with her friends. We had a great time at the zoo and I couldn't believe how much the animals showed off for us!

April was FULL. But the truth is May will be FULLER! Sometimes I feel like I'm just holding on to my seat. Here we go...