Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Promises to my Son

Dear Son,

In your first year of life, I've heard many people tell me how different you will be from your sisters. I'm so thankful for those differences and I'm excited to watch them develop. I want these words to be on my lips often - "He's all boy!" But I never want that phrase to become an excuse. Because while  you are "all boy", you are intelligent and I am raising you to be a leader and a gentleman, a thoughtful man, husband and father. So dear son, these are some promises I make to you today.

I promise to let you run like a wild man all over the playground, but not at the library.

I promise to cheer you on as you climb the highest dirt mound around, but not the shelves at the grocery store.

I promise to smile as you whoop and holler at your favorite sports game, but not at school.

I promise to encourage you as you play monster, police, dragons, superheros, dinosaurs, but not brush it off  if you hit or kick another child.

I promise to allow you to get dirty, sleep outdoors, go camping and "live off the land", but not pee outside in public places even if you are potty training.

I promise to make motor sounds, monster sounds, and animal sounds with you, but not condone potty language or potty jokes. 

I promise to feed you all the food your body requires, your friends too, but not allow you to forgo basic table manners.

I promise to discipline you as the intelligent human being I know you are, and not condone bad behavior excusing it with "He's all boy!"

I promise to hold you to the same behavior standards I have for your sisters because you, my son, are just as worthy of those standards as they are. You are just as capable of attaining them.

I promise to respect your father as the intelligent man he is and as my sweet gift of a partner in life, and not treat him like a moron  - because he really is the BEST person I know, whose values most closely match mine in every aspect and I want you to search long and hard for a woman who will treat you with that same respect and mutual admiration, not as a stupid husband. 

I promise that when I say "He's all boy!" it will be because you have done something admirable with tenacity. Pride will be on my face.

Mothering you may prove to be my most difficult challenge yet. You may run me ragged, but you are worth every promise I make. No excuses!



Henry 13 and 14 months

Henry's 13 month was a very loud month. Lots of screaming from this guy. It's a little better now thank goodness. I think it was a matter of him learning a couple more key words that could help him communicate some things. He would scream any time he wanted anything, which is a lot. He has added a few words to the vocab bank including: more, thank you, cracker, cup, hey, uh oh, tickle and Lucy.

It can be very challenging getting Henry to use his words. Sometimes we have long sessions of crying where we refuse to give him what he wants until he says the word (one he has said many times before like "cup"). He wants to say the words, but has to really concentrate to form them.

This does not mean he is a quiet boy though. He babbles all day long. When I get on the phone, he hops on his pretend phone and babbles so loud it is hard for me to concentrate on my conversation. The nursery workers at church always talk about his "sermons" that he gives to the other babies. He loves an audience. At home, he gives his sermons/lectures best when he climbs onto a stool or chair. He decidedly climbs up on top of something and begins his diatribe.

Henry understands far more than he can say which I guess is true of most babies. He follows 2-3 step commands at a time. "Go pick up that book/ball and bring it back to me." You can ask him where certain bath toys are in the bath tub and he will find them. And he can point out my mouth, nose and eyes. He still loves "If You're Happy and You Know it", but it has been surpassed by "Patty Cake". He loves "Patty Cake".

In his 13 month, he started taking more steps. Still only 3-4 at a time. He did this while we were at the beach after Adam left. And in his 14 month, he started walking. He is now walking 100% of the time. His little walk is the best. It is still very out-of-control looking. It really just looks like he is falling forward everywhere he goes. I love watching other people watch him walk. They all look so nervous because it really does look like he is about to fall the whole time.

We did some allergy testing on Henry before we introduced milk. He no longer has a significant allergy and was cleared for regular milk. However, he is very lactose intolerant still so he gets the special lactose free milk. He loves it.

Henry has had 2 molars come in up top but still only has 2 teeth on the bottom. So he now has 6 up top. He is the first of my children to teeth out of order. He also has had an ear infection for a couple of weeks. At first I thought his night waking was because of the molars, but after more than a week of that, I took him to the doctor and they found the ear infection =(

Henry is wearing a size 6 shoe, mostly 24 month clothing - though pants are iffy because he is a slender guy and sometimes he walks right out of his pants - has happened on more than one occasion, and he is still in a size 3 diaper due to his slender physique ;)

His eyes are definitely more of a greenish color now. They seem to be taking the same path as Caroline's changing color really late. I think they will eventually go brown. Caroline's are mostly brown but she still has a green day every now and then.

Lucy was quite the climber, but Henry has outdone her. This month he has climbed on top of the kitchen table, coffee table and even the piano - yes ALL they way on top of the piano. I swear I am not a neglectful parent - he really is just fast. We are working hard to train on all of these and he is responding pretty well, but if you leave a bowl of ice cream in the middle of the kitchen table, it is a temptation too much for him to bear and he will be on top of the table sitting on his knees licking that bowl in a skinny minute! He has broken 3 dishes so far doing this and I am learning to clear my table immediately after meals.

We go to a baby storytime for Henry almost every Friday at the library. He loves it. He listens to most of the stories and loves dancing with the shakers and when the librarian brings out the bubbles. He listens really well to books at home as well. He doesn't have quite the attention span that Caroline had but it's a good bit longer than Lucy's was. That girl wouldn't sit still for a book for a long time!

Here is a roll of pictures of our sweet Henry from the last 2 months.

This is his ice cream face, but don't be fooled - he loves it. He makes this face and then screams until you give him more.

Riveted at story time.

I took this picture when I was practicing on Praise Team one week for a special evening service. I wore Henry in the sling during practice. He fell asleep =)

Such an affectionate and sweet boy.

This blurry pic is exactly how he walks all the time.

He LOVES the blanket Caroline made for him before he was born and sleeps with it every night.

If I could sum up Henry in a few words they would be: curious sweetheart. He is on the move to seek and discover all day, but stops for cuddles often =)

Monday, September 7, 2015


On Friday, Caroline told me I would not be able to understand her when she came home on Tuesday because her teacher was going to teach them a new language on Tuesday (after the Labor Day holiday). I asked what language and she said Latin. Wow! I am so impressed with her teacher this year. I love that she is teaching the kids LATIN! Well, tonight at the dinner table, this conversation happens:

C: "Daddy, when I get home from school tomorrow you will NOT be able to understand me because I will be speaking a new language!"

Adam: "Really? What language?"

C: "Ms Bryant is teaching us Latin."

Adam: "Latin! Wow!"

C: "Yeah. Something Latin."

Adam: "Something Latin? You mean like Pig Latin?"

C: "YES!! Pig Latin!"


We made BBQ pulled pork sandwiches for our community group that meets at our house last week and we had extra pork so I was making Pulled Pork Grilled Cheeses one night for supper. My little kitchen helper Lucy helped me make them. She spread the pulled pork on each sandwich, laid cheese on top and put a slice of bread on top of that and then buttered the bread. Later at the dinner table she bit into her sandwich, made a disgusted face and said "Mommy, mine still has the BBQ pork in it." I said "Yes honey. Did you think it was going to go away?" She looked at me disappointed and said "I thought it would melt."


Caroline has a family journal at school. She writes in it a couple of times a week to tell us what she is doing and she brings it home on the weekends. On the weekends, parents are supposed to write in it. Well, last weekend, we forgot. I remembered as we were scrambling out the door Monday morning. 

M: "oh Caroline! I didn't write in your journal baby! I'm so sorry!"

C: " That's ok. Ms Bryant says sometimes parents are busy."

OUCH! Worst mom ever moment.


Another Lucy sandwich moment. I made PBJ sandwiches for everyone. After they were made, Lucy says she wanted a half sandwich and not a whole sandwich. I told her it was too late. She sulked for a second and then declared it was no problem. She took her sandwich and folded it in half and looked quite pleased with herself. Whatever kid. Whatever makes you happy. About 2 minutes later I hear her call out, "Mommy! Mommy! Look! There's a sandwich INSIDE my half sandwich!"