Thursday, October 15, 2015

End of Summer/Beginning of School

This is just a lot of pictures from the end of summer to the beginning of the school year. 

We had a few more weeks of the pool after school started. Lucy's swimming has come a long way. I hope she remembers some of it next year. She has no fear of going off the diving board and can swim the length of the pool stopping on the side several times to catch her breath.

I sang for a special service at church on a Monday night. The practice ended lasting an hour and a half. I had no idea it was going to take that long. I was so proud of how the kids behaved. At one point, Henry was asleep in the sling and Lucy was asleep on the prayer/kneeling bench next to the stage. Caroline came to be near her and brought her book. 

My Lucy helping me with dinner = typical.

And Lucy is doing really well at Piano. She is flying right through her book. Her persistence and attention span for it amaze me.

Visiting Adam for lunch.

Library day. Caroline was out of school on a Friday.

We also went to the Children's Garden that day.

Every Tuesday, we go to the library and head to a little park afterward for a picnic. We will do this as long as we possibly can!!

Lucy naps about once a week these days and it is pretty unpredictable when it will happen.

Pre-homeschool has been going really well this year. I'm not sure if it is me having more patience and chilling out or if it is Lucy being older and more used to it, but we are really in a groove this year.


We've been enjoying some hiking in the late summer/early fall. Kentucky has some beautiful state parks. There are still a few we have on our bucket list (Mammoth Cave). This state park is Natural Bridge. It has several fairly short trails - less than 1.5 miles, but they are usually Moderate difficulty. We've taken the girls on longer trails before, but they've been pretty flat. 

The first time we went was when we spent a weekend with our Community Group at a cabin in the area. It was a lot of fun with a LOT of young children. The kids had a great time. The sights really are incredible. 

The second time we went with just our family. We spent the whole day hiking and ended up going about 3.5 miles. I was very proud of the girls who walked the whole time and enjoyed themselves. Caroline brought a notepad the second time to journal some of the things she saw. She's growing up so much. I love how she thinks!