Friday, November 13, 2015

A little September and a little October

Just a roll of pictures from September and October

Caroline making her own lunch for school

Lucy was invited to come to "Friend Night" at a friend's ballet class.

Oh Dora couch!

Caroline finally finished a potholder.

This is 24x7 at my house.

Walk to School Day. School is exactly 1 mile from our house.

My birthday. Zaxby's and ColdStone creamery cake - what more could you want?


We picked up our pumpkin from Happy Jacks Farm this year. It's a cute little farm in Frankfort. They have lots of animals - goats, chickens, llamas, longhorn cows. 

My animal lover stayed with the goats for a long time. Henry also loved the goats and was saying "Baaaahhhh" and "Go..go". Lucy, however, stayed away.

Look at my sweet stair steps...

The kids each picked out a small pumpkin and we got a large one for our whole family. I say large, but the big one we got was small compared to some of the monster pumpkins they had there.

A couple of nights before Halloween, the kids each painted their pumpkins. The girls both picked out a white pumpkin. Caroline picked out the smallest one she could find.

Carving night was a lot of fun. The girls were actually very helpful. It was the first year I can remember not getting tired of carving. I usually start out with much gusto. The girls worked diligently to separate out the strings and the seeds and they enjoyed the whole process. It's fun hearing them talk about "last year".

This boy =) I love his spontaneous snuggles =)

Of course we enjoyed our Pumpkin Muffins and roasted pumpkin seeds. Caroline requested some pumpkin seeds in her lunch the next day =) Mama's girl =)

Halloween was on a Saturday this year. I agree with one of my friends on FB - Can we make Halloween the last Saturday of October every year? It was so relaxing not worrying about getting all the costume stuff together in a rush after school and throwing in dinner some how.

We went hiking at Raven Run in the morning with some sweet friends and their daughter. It was a short hike - probably 1.5 miles. The destination was an overlook of the Kentucky River - beautiful.

Here is the overlook. Watching the 4 kids at this spot was a little stressful  - especially Henry. The little drop off was significant and there was very little warning.

M and Lucy enjoyed playing with a Grandaddy Long leg spider

This leaf was bigger than Henry's head. He enjoyed waving it for a short while.

Lucy is not a hiking fan. She'll come around I know. Her legs are short and it just takes her longer. She actually said the day before "I hate hiking. I'm going to pretend I'm not hiking." haha. She and I fell behind and took our time on the way back.

Don't all girls hike with purses? Inside was a rock collection.

We came back to the house and everybody napped. I had Taco Soup in the crockpot so we napped with a delicious smell in the air.

Then our friends came back over and we all got into costumes and ate dinner.

Lucy was a ballerina and wore her recital costume from dance. Caroline was a pilgrim. I sewed her apron and bonnet from a random white pillowcase we had under the close supervision of Adam's mom. And Henry was a darling clown.

Little did we know - this little guy was feeling pretty rough and had a high fever through the night. He didn't participate much throughout the night and we understood why later.

Caroline insisted on wearing a shawl instead of a jacket and carrying a basket instead of a Halloween bucket. She wanted to be authentic. I presented her with several basket choices, but she insisted on taking the one with two short handles which meant she had to hold it with 2 hands the whole night.

We trick-or-treated our way down to the clubhouse (about 1/4 mile) where a church was having a Trunk-or-Treat. It was fun with different activities to do at each car and then we trick-or-treated our way home on a different route.

It was definitely the most trick-or-treating we have ever done. It was fun to do it with friends and to see the neighborhood. I loved the kids costumes this year too. All of them ended up being free (except the lipstick I used to make Henry's cheeks and nose) but nothing had that "free" look. I'm either resourceful OR we have collected so much junk we can make costumes for 3 people out of stuff we have laying around the house - haha! I'll tell myself it is the former.