Tuesday, January 26, 2016

that time at the library

Two weeks ago, when we were at the library (me, Lucy and Henry) I had one of my top 10 embarrassing mom moments.

Lucy was playing on one of the computers. There were 8 computers on 2 long tables that were lined up perpendicular to a wall. She was playing on one of the ones that was next to the wall.

Henry was enjoying watching her play and kept picking up the computer mouse and pretending it was a phone. I thought it was adorable and snapped a couple of pics...

Isn't he adorable in his precious corduroy overalls? 

I was chatting with a friend - probably about how adorable Henry is - when I look over and he has gotten himself stuck between the wall and the computer tables. And he was stuck good. 

How did he even do that so quickly?

Of course he started crying. So I start trying to wedge him out. Meanwhile, 8 children are happily playing at the computers with headphones on oblivious to the wailing baby and frantic mother. 

I realized his head was not going to come out of there in the direction it was facing. As I'm trying to twist his head with one arm and lift his body with the other, a flash goes through my head "What if I have to call over several librarians to come and move all these computers and tables so that I can get my child out of here?" 

At that moment, a librarian does appear. Henry was crying very loudly in a library and not stopping so everyone was already looking at us. The librarian kindly asks if I think we need to move the tables. I take a deep breath and go to work on his little head one more time and thankfully I got him out. Shew! Avoided an even bigger mess. Sure his overalls are completely unbuttoned underneath now and his face has red marks all over it from the table and wall, 

"Lucy, time to go!" And we booked it out of there!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Lucy 4.5

Lucy had a half birthday last week. This girl amazes me almost daily. She wants so badly to keep up with Caroline and everyday her actions show me that she is not to be underestimated. Whether its her reading or her piano, this kid is killing it. 

Lucy's small stature stops people dead in their tracks when the hear her read or watch her write a sentence that is phonetically spelled correctly. I secretly get a kick out of watching people change their baby voice when they see what she can do. It fills me with an unreasonable pride. But she is clearly all of 4 years old when she cries and whines about not being able to find her shoes that her right in front of her.

Here is a video of her reading a couple of weeks ago. She is really into the Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems and the Biscuit books. She can read most of these books with little help. She thinks the Elephant and Piggie books are hilarious. 

Her small stature means Adam or I easily carry her out of the bathtub in a towel like a baby, which she loves or can carry her through a store or parking lot. It's not something we do often, but we do it pretty much whenever she asks. 

Lucy asks sooo many spiritual questions. She cries about leaving Minnie Mouse Blanket and how one day she won't have it. She thinks about Heaven and God often and brings up these subjects regularly. I find myself treasuring these conversations and wondering what of them she will remember. In her prayers, she has started thanking God for sending his son to die on the cross for us. It's clear that God sending his son to die is something that weighs heavy in her mind and I find myself wondering if she feels burdened by it. 

Lucy has had some stomach issues we have been trying to figure out. Our prayer is this is just something she will grow out of, but we are seeing a specialist. 

Lucy loves American Girls. I have read to her all 6 books of the Samantha, Julie, Josefina and Kit serieses. I am currently reading the Cecile and Marie Grace series. I adore this time with her. We cuddle up every weekday on the couch under blankets and read at least one chapter. There are often scary parts where we hold each other tight while I read. Lucy is a fierce hugger. 

Lucy scares easy. There are not many TV shows or movies that Lucy handles well. Even Care Bears on Netflix has several episodes she does not want you to choose because of Grizzle or some other villain. But currently Care Bears & Cousins is her favorite show. 

Lucy is really into playing "plays". When we are out and about doing errands she often asks me to play a play with her. In it, we are usually sisters. She is older. Our names are often "Clarabelle Rose and Annabelle Rose". We are usually ages 3 and 5 but we take on the world at those young ages. Usually our mother and father have given her all the housework to do and in the end she becomes a princess. 

I did an interview with Lucy and here is what she had to say:

What is your favorite color? Navy

What is your favorite toy? Lucy: This is a very hard question. Me: Well, a toy can also be a doll. Lucy: Oh! American Girl Doll Samantha! 

Who is your friend? Caroline

What is your favorite thing to play with Caroline? plays (When she and Caroline play make-believe games like "house" or "princesses" or "sisters", they say they are doing a "play".)

What is your favorite thing to play with Henry? tickling

What is your favorite thing to do with Mommy? snuggle

What is your favorite thing to do with Daddy? make puzzles

What is your favorite dinner? Pizza (Lucy can put away some pizza! She is still such a picky eater but nothing holds her back with pizza.)

What is your favorite snack? ice cream

What is your favorite thing to learn at home-preschool? playing games on the computer

What is your favorite book? Fairy tale books

What is your favorite song? songs about God - Father Abraham

What is something you want to do soon? Go to the pool and get ice cream

What do you like to pretend? That we are sisters and we are going to a ball

What do you do when you get bored?
 I go ask someone to play with me.

What is your favorite movie? Snow White

What is your favorite TV show? Care Bear Cousins

Friday, January 8, 2016

Henry 16 and 17 months old

I missed another post about my sweet Henry Bear. Shew - mom of 3 thing and Christmas time is kicking my tail ;)

My precious boy has had a weird couple of months. He has cut all of his molars and 2 more teeth on bottom bringing his grand total to 12. I think that has contributed to the weirdness quite a bit. Henry started breaking out in hives regularly just before Thanksgiving. Henry had allergy testing -yeah like the kind where they poke your back with all sorts of stuff - the next week and wasn't allergic to any of the stuff we tested for. He did, however, have an ear infection, which we then treated. He is still breaking out in hives very mildly every few days or so. If they don't stop by January, we will do more allergy testing - oy.

All that sums up to Henry being moody - more than your average toddler-moody. And this guy can throw some tantrums. I thought Caroline was young when she started throwing tantrums around 19 months old, but this guy is an expert and has been for a little while. His go-to move is to run away from you crying when you tell him "No". He also does the whole - throw himself on the floor thing. Hopefully, he will outgrow these tantrums early since he started them early.

We have done some traveling as of late to the upstate and to Cincinnati. Henry still hates long rides and pretty much hates life on a long ride. I know we are so close to movies holding his attention and this being a lot easier. It's easier to take as a non-first-time-mom, but it's not easy. It's still tough listening to them cry and not being able to do anything about it.

On some happy notes, Henry has quite the personality these days. He loves to charm strangers. At the grocery store if a stranger starts talking to him, he gives them a smoldering smile. People LOVE this. He also loves to talk in his own personal language. He can say several words, but stubbornly only says them when he feels like it. He will say anything once, but getting him to say it consistently is a struggle.

Henry loves remote controls and loves to pretend he is on the phone with them. "Uh-lo?, " he says. It's precious.

Another one of my favorites is when he wants my attention and I'm distracted. He bends his face in front of mine so he's the only thing in my line of vision - haha. Sometimes he even turns my head to face him. This little boy makes his presence known.

Henry says "eeYeah!" a lot. Since he's not talking a ton, we often ask him "Do you want XYZ?" to which he will respond "eeYeah!" if that is what he was wanting. He's the most impolite toddler - haha!

Henry does have his own language that is indecipherable. He often strikes up a conversation. I've seen him do it several times with people outside our family. He will bend his head and have all the body language to go with it. The adult will look at me feeling bad that they can't understand what he is saying and I just tell them I can't understand it either. One day soon Buddy - you will tell me all you have been trying to say!

Henry loves stairs. He loves to go up and down them. I'm sure that if we had stairs in our house he would be an expert at walking up and down them holding just one hand on the rail or wall. He can already go up perfectly like this and he is close to doing it going down. He can usually do one step perfectly going down in a fully upright position.

Henry is also an expert at blowing and giving kisses. He's a sweetheart.

Finally, Henry loves books and loves to be read to. When I'm looking for him, he is often siting in his room surrounded by books reading them. And -yes - it sounds weird that I have to "find" him sometimes, but I realize that I have been able to relax a little these past couple of months. Henry no longer climbs on the kitchen table and throws dishes on the floor. He doesn't climb on the piano or the furniture. He plays independently quite contentedly for good stretches and doesn't endanger himself =P Definitely makes things a little easier.

Here is a roll of pictures from the past 2 months. They are not in a particular order.