Friday, April 29, 2016

Feb - April

Just a series of photos mostly from my phone that represent different things from Feb - April

I love this duo. Each of my children has a special relationship with each other. It's so fun to watch it develop. These two play as equals more and more each day. Henry is less of a baby in Lucy's eyes and more of a playmate with each passing day. Here they are singing a duet.

And this girl is blowing me away with her stamina to color and write and work on an activity. She did this color by number page with no help. She read the colors that she was supposed to associate with the numbers and did the whole thing in one sitting.

Occasionally we visit Adam for lunch. His days are unpredictable so it doesn't happen often, but it's always a treat. The Capitol is so beautiful.

We love the First Ladies exhibit.

Henry walking from chair to chair before C-Group. Our Community Group meets at our house every Sunday night and Henry thinks he is in charge.

Just windexing the mirrors - sweet helper.

Caroline's 2-wheeler skills are really great. She has been so brave. The joy I feel as a parent when they overcome a fear is so fulfilling.

Caroline has also been rocking out on her Math Facts test. She takes a timed math test once or twice a week. Her little sass on the back of this test surprised me. I guess she had extra time. She has also drawn herself riding a bike on the back and written "Bikes are fast and I pass."

The girls had a little Christmas tree in their room through the Christmas season. Lucy grew accustomed to the light in their room at night and was fearful for a while. She slept in Caroline's bed until we bought her a night light.

Adam's Birthday. I made a Red Velvet cake.

A little Mardis Gras fun:

A little Valentine's Day fun:

Filling out brackets for March Madness

Lucy wrote her first letter. It was to her cousin Trey. I was very proud of her handwriting and spelling. She spelled most everything on her own and I think most anyone would be able to figure out what she was trying to write.

Just picking up Caroline from the bus stop.

Lucy in a sack race at a bday party =)

We had a trip to SC to see cousin Crystal in a play.

Caroline made an alphabet book for Henry. It's precious and uses words that apply to him.