Saturday, October 8, 2016

Henry is 2

Oh my Henry Bear. Where have the last 2 years gone? Henry is the most strong-willed of all of our children. His temper tantrums are like nothing I've never experienced before. Henry used to be so great at Time-Out. I mean he would sit there with the best of them from the time he was 15 months old! But some where around 21 months old he became the worst at Time-Out. And it doesn't matter that he has sat in time out every day for the last few months, he still acts like he has no idea what it is and by the end of it I'm basically holding him down on the floor for 2 minutes while he is beating my head and screaming. Ah - good times ;)

Another story that must be told is the ultimate example of how Henry does not like Aldi. Really, he doesn't like any store. He doesn't like to sit in  your normal grocery cart and Aldi doesn't have other options like the little racecar so he really doesn't like Aldi. On this particular day I had all 3 children with me and we were about to go out of town so the trip had to be that day. I was squeamish about the trip from the get-go - you see I was already emotionally scarred from other grocery store trips. As we walked in the store, I knew I was going to have to choose my battles so I sweetly asked Henry if he wanted to sit in the cart and I gently patted the seat. He refused with a resounding "NO!" so I decided not to push it but gently told him he needed to stay by me.  Of course that didn't last more than a nanosecond. He was pushing all the boundaries once we got in the store. I kept sweetly encouraging him to obey and stay by me trying to avoid battling "the bear", as we call it (Henry's evil twin). Finally, when he was jumping up and down on lower shelving I knew it was time to face the bear. I picked up a screaming and kicking baby bear and put him in one of the 2 seats in the Aldi grocery cart. Doing this was no easy task as his legs were kicking and his back was arched. I pulled each leg through its leg hole and then quickly realized I would need to hold it in the leg hole because he was pulling the legs out faster than I could get the other one in - how many legs does this kid have anyway? Steering became interesting as I had a hand on each of his ankles. So I steered the cart with my shoulders which put my ear right next to the screaming. Shew - early hearing aids for me. I only had about 3 must-have items on my list so I buckled down and headed for only the necessities. When I finally got the cart to the item we needed, I would nod my head toward the item and describe it to Caroline so she could grab it. I was probably having to yell above the screaming toddler. We finally got all of our items and checked out in this condition. I never knew I could steer so well with my shoulders. Motherhood helps me uncover so many hidden talents.

Surprisingly, Henry is pretty well-behaved most of the time, but he doesn't like stores. He is talking up a storm and is very musical. He is more musical than the girls were. He can hear a song one time and later you will hear him singing it or humming it. This ability amazes me. I've caught him singing songs from the radio that we don't even sing around the house. And I was teaching the girls the song "I Like Bananas" in the car on day. It has a 2 parts - one part sings "dowops" the whole time while the other part sings a melody line. It's not easy and when we got home, Henry was singing it! He sings constantly - Old MacDonald, ABCs, Twinke Twinkle, Jesus Loves the Little Children, Rejoice in the Lord Always. And he makes up songs too. His little voice is precious! Any stick is a microphone. I know he gets that from seeing his sisters. He loves to "patis piano" after his sisters practice. He sits there and will play. Watching Henry swing his hips from side to side while he sings "Na na na na na na na na Batman!" will make anyone smile. I hope he always loves music this much!

The day after Henry turned 2 he climbed out his crib and got promoted to a big boy bed. He has done very well with this transition.

We've been working on shapes, colors, letters and numbers. It amazes me how much less effort I have to put into teaching this stuff with him because he hears his sisters doing it. The other day he counted to 13 and I've never taught him that. We've never even read counting books - must just be something he has picked up from hearing the girls. The same with the alphabet. He loves to sing his ABCs. A few of the letters run together, but he's got it. He can identify several letters too which I attribute to the "Now I eat my ABCs" book. He can identify all the letters within that book just because he has it memorized, but he can also identify several letters anywhere we go - like A, B, F, M, O, P, and maybe some others. He knows his colors pretty good and he knows triangle.

I love when I ask Henry "Can I have a kiss?" and he says "Please??" so I say "Please!" and he leans in to give me one.

I love when he holds his Beebees and sucks his lower lip. His eyes grow bigger.

He loves tunnels and bridges and says a loud "Woah!" when he sees one coming.

I checked out the "How do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?" book from the library and now he loves anything with dinosaurs. He has memorized the book and can read it to us now.

Henry loves to pick his sisters up at the bus stop and runs towards them for big hugs everyday. He also loves to say bye to them when we drop them off at school.

When we get home, both girls start talking and telling me everything about their day at once and Henry immediately starts saying "Mommy!" as loud as he can. He senses the urgency and the excitement and just wants to be part of it.

I love when Henry asks me "Utcha doin 'a Mommy?"

Henry loves to pray at meals and bedtime. His meal prayer is usually "Dear Lord, tank tyou for 'a food. Amen" and his night prayer is usually "Dear Lord, tank tyou for 'a Daddy, 'a Mommy, 'a Caline, 'a Lucy, 'a Henry. Amen" He is starting to add in a whole list at night. I think he is going to be our prayer staller. Last night he thanked God for football and baseball and cousin Marilyn.

Henry is such a flirt with strangers. He shyly tilts his head when they speak to him. He is so much more open to other people than the girls were. Yeah - none of my kids is wide open with strangers - Henry is the closest.

I had a doctor's appointment not too long ago and the doctor went nuts over Henry. We went out to the circulation desk and the doctor said "Everyone, I want to introduce you to my new friend Henry." And all the ladies at the desk just ooooed and ahhhed over him. He sweetly blew them kisses and waved bye-bye!

Gosh - this boy gives me all kinds of feels.

He loves to be wrapped up like a burrito baby in a towel after a bath and even has his own baby voice and says "baby, baby". He also loves to be wrapped up in his Choo Choo Beebees blanket and will bring it to you and turn around expectantly for you to drape it over his shoulders. He is a lover, not a hater. Can you see how he is quickly forgiven of his wild irrational tantrums with his sweet little flirtations?

Henry was smack dab in the middle of the girls at his 2 year well appointment - well closer to Caroline's stats but Caroline is still our biggest kid.

Height: 35 inches (73%)
Weight: 28 pounds 5 ounces (66%)
Head: 49 cm

Henry, you are loved and adored by all of us. We are so thankful to have you apart of us!

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